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Game Room – Before and After

This here is a story about the game room.  We call it the game room because . . . . well . . . . we name all the rooms in the house and living room was already taken.  Occasionally we even play games in there!

Okay, so back to the story.  This room was in a state of partial restoration for years.  And I mean YEARS!  There wasn’t much to look at, so we didn’t really take many photos.  Here is one that also provides Laurie was working on the plaster for over 5 years.  The room looked like this for a very long time.  We went back and forth – working on this room and then completely ignoring it for years.  It seemed like such a huge amount of work needed to be done and we weren’t seeing much progress.  We had started to become accustomed to projects with more instant gratification. Continue reading Game Room – Before and After