So yeah, I am going to say it loud and proud – I despise the ginkgo tree!  Don’t worry, the tree doesn’t like me either so there is no love loss between us.

I admit, in the fall, when all the leaves turn yellow, it is stunning.  Absolutely gorgeous!  But that window is very short.  Many years (including this one), we miss it entirely.  Then the berries start to drop and rot on the ground.  Trust me, there is no other odor quite like rotting ginkgo berries – they reek!  No only that, many of us are allergic to the berries.  They have urushiol (similar to poison ivy, oak, sumac) which causes a horrible rash that lasts for about three weeks.  Ugh!

It is difficult to keep the dogs from walking near the tree since they can (and have) gotten the liquid from the rotting berries on their feet.  That in turn gets on people and we break out in a rash.

More recently, the tree attacked my vehicle.  During a storm which had microbursts – huge limbs came down and smooshed my  truck.


 Here are a few “after” shot with the tree missing a limb.


IMG_2915 IMG_2914

Someday, this tree will be gone and someone, somewhere will miss it.  It just won’t be me.