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Crafts and being crafty

If you didn’t know this already, we are frugal.  We can’t stand to pay a ton of money for things that aren’t worth it (in our opinion) or for things we could do or make ourselves.  That attitude has led to plenty of hits and some misses over the years.  occasionally, a project comes along that we cannot (or at least should not) try to do ourselves.  That is when we call in the big guns – Denny the contractor extraordinaire!  His expertise, skill set and craftsmanship make hiring him a no brainer.  But contractors and building materials are not cheap.  So, we put our heads together to think of ways to raise funds for some of the bigger (usually costlier) projects for the hall.  Aside from daydreaming about winning the lottery, the only thing we could come up with was to sell something.  And their has always been a plan to put up an actual building to house an art studio.  So why not start the studio now to raise funds!  Hence, our etsy shop Morton Hall Studio was launched!

We are still in the infancy stages of this venture but are optimistic about the future.  Basically we are creating things to sell that we love.  Weather it is reusing some interesting piece of scrap metal as a lamp base or sewing up something pretty – we are going to try to make and sell all sorts of things.

Here are a few of the items we currently have for sale:

More pillow covers and some craft supplies are available in our etsy store.  Additional handmade items will be added soon.  Thanks for reading.

Corbels and iron work – it’s all in the details baby!

What is it we love about Morton Hall?  Oh let us count the ways!

Anyone who has ever asked Laurie about Morton Hall knows, the details of the house had her at “hello”.  All of the gorgeous ironwork, wood trim, built-ins, corbels, and just plain awesomeness sang out to her.

While the iron work and corbels are not in the best of shape right now, it is in the master plan to restore them to their former glory.  Until then, take a look and imagine the future possibilities.



Ruth and Laurie spending some quality time on the front porch among the iron work.

The back section (now known as the rental)

I wish I could remember what year this was exactly, but it was at least 5 years ago this summer that someone had the brilliant idea of taking the back section of Morton Hall and turning it into an apartment!  This section (in my humble opinion) was the “scary part” of the house and should have been used to film horror movies.  It wasn’t much good for much else.  You see, the back section was the original house – therefore the oldest.  It might have had better days, but I never saw them.  The main level is a single room that at one point was used as a kitchen.  The second story consisted of 2 tiny bedrooms and a small hallway.  Access to the second floor from the main level is through a pocket staircase.  In the photo (above), the pocket stairs are on the far right, look to the right of the blue door.  While we consider it charming and unique, it isn’t the most functional passage, especially for a tenant to move furniture to their bedroom.  But I am getting ahead of myself. Continue reading The back section (now known as the rental)